- efficient and easy accounting for personal financies

Eqonomize! is a cross-platform personal accounting software, with focus on efficiency and ease of use for small households. Eqonomize! provides a complete solution, with bookkeeping by double entry and support for scheduled recurring transactions, security investments, and budgeting. It gives a clear overview of past and present transactions, and development of incomes and expenses, with descriptive tables and charts, as well as an approximation of future account values.

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Latest News

.: 2019-09-09 :. Eqonomize! version 1.4.2 released

Eqonomize! version 1.4.2 includes minor feature improvements and bug fixes.

  • Make it possible to select multiple separate accounts, categories, tags, descriptions, and payees/payers in reports and charts
  • Option to display absolute values instead of percentages in pie chart
  • Option to save import CSV settings as presets
  • Allow fixed category (add income category selection) when importing both expenses and incomes from CSV file
  • Security quotes import and export (in quotes dialog)
  • Keyboard shortcut and context menu item for current date in date entries and calendar popups
  • Fix segfault when editing scheduled transaction with current date
  • Fix deletion of multiple transactions in ledger
  • Fix set single transaction in edit widget for transaction with multiple accounts/payments and multiple currencies
  • Minor bug fixes and feature improvements
Get the new version from the downloads page.