Eqonomize! downloads

(!) Note that even though most planned features are in place and I myself find it highly stable and reliable in everyday use, Eqonomize! definitely needs more testing and no guarantees whatsoever are given.

With that said, you are welcome to download the latest version of Eqonomize! and report any bugs you find.

Source code:



  • Linux binary (Ubuntu 16.0.4, 64-bit)
    Linux binary (Ubuntu 16.0.4, 32-bit)
    Unpack the single executable file and run without installation. It will likely run on linux systems other than Ubuntu 16.0.4. Users of later Ubuntu versions need to install libqt5printsupport5.

  • Linux AppImage binary
    Make the file executable and run from anywhere without installation.

  • A binary snap package for Linux, with all dependencies included, is available at (install with the command sudo snap install eqonomize-hk).

  • Some distributions provide packages (which may or may not be outdated) for Eqonomize!, which you can install using the distribution's standard installers. Eqonomize! can be installed on Debian using sudo apt install eqonomize (for the stable version, "buster", you will have to use Debian backports), and on Arch Linux from AUR.