Eqonomize! news

.: 2018-06-11 :. Eqonomize! version 1.3 released

Eqonomize! version 1.3 primarily includes improvements to charts and reports. This release also contains a variety of bug fixes and minor feature enhancements (such as flags and easier value field conversion for common currencies). For details, see the changelog.

.: 2018-02-05 :. Eqonomize! version 1.2 released

Eqonomize! version 1.2 includes minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

List of main changes:
  • Local and remote file synchronization allowing multiple users to edit the same file (experimental)
  • Restore possibility to specify payee/payer for each separate transaction in a split transaction
  • Annual total for over time chart
  • Include subcategories in over time report
  • "All payees and payers" in categories comparison report
  • Case insensitive descriptions and payees in charts report
  • Only assume negative income/expense if the category is defined in the QIF file

.: 2017-12-18 :. Eqonomize! version 1.1 released

Eqonomize! version 1.1 includes reconciliation support, ledger enhancements, and many other minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. For a list of changes, see the changelog.

.: 2017-10-12 :. Eqonomize! version 1.0 released

Eqonomize! 1.0 includes a complete manual, more than 100 additional currencies, bug fixes and minor features enhancements. For a list of changes, see the changelog.

.: 2017-07-10 :. Eqonomize! 1.0 beta 3 released

The third beta of Eqonomize! 1.0 includes bug fixes and minor features enhancements. For a list of changes, see the changelog.

Before the final version 1.0 is released, the manual will be completed, and there are likely some critical bugs still left. Translations should ideally also be updated and completed, but your help is needed for that to happen.

.: 2017-05-02 :. Eqonomize! 1.0 beta 2 released

In this second beta of the renewed Eqonomize! application the main focus is support for multiple currencies.

List of main changes:
  • Support for multiple currencies (selectable for each account)
  • Currency converter
  • Arithmetics and conversion in all value input fields
  • Import/merge Eqonomize! files
  • Consistent sorting of transactions in creation order (if date is equal)
  • "Associated file" transaction property (link receipts)
  • Security transactions tweaks
  • Bug fixes
New with this version is the provision of a Linux binary. You just need to download the file, unpack it and run the single executable file from anywhere - no installation is required. It has been compiled on Ubuntu (where it requires no additional packages), but will potentially also run on other GNU/Linux systems.

.: 2016-10-10 :. Eqonomize! 1.0 beta 1 released

After 8 years, development has once again picked up speed. During the last months, Eqonomize! has been enhanced in many ways.

Qt is now the only dependency and it should be possible to compile and run Eqonomize! on every platform supported by Qt. Windows binaries are provided, but the main development platform is still Linux (the application has also been tested on Android).

Main additional changes:
  • Subcategories
  • More and enhanced charts
  • Scheduled split transactions and transactions with multiple payments
  • Explicit support for loans and related transactions
  • Option to select start of budget month
  • Many small interface enhancements, including new icons
For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog.

.: 2008-11-13 :. Eqonomize! version 0.6 released

This the first version using KDE4. It also includes some new translations and bug fixes, among others a long awaited fix for the bug that caused Eqonomize! to not start when loading some files.

A small update (0.5.1) is also available for the deprecated KDE3 version.

.: 2007-06-17 :. Eqonomize! version 0.5 finally released

Eqonomize! version 0.5 is now available with many bug fixes and a few new features.

  • Support for currencies with zero decimals
  • Future statistics in over time chart
  • Fix balancing
  • Allow user to select initial period
  • Allow joining of security transactions
  • Allow user to select security from edit transaction dialogs
  • Keep permissions of exisiting files
  • Italian, Spanish, Dutch (partial) and Slovak (partial) translations
  • Many other bug fixes and minor enhancements

.: 2006-09-06 :. Eqonomize! version 0.4 released

Eqonomize! 0.4 is now available with many bug fixes and several exciting new features.

  • Split transactions
  • Refunds and repayments
  • Account ledger
  • QIF import and export
  • Enhanced CSV import
  • Application and mime icons (by Elias Probst)
  • Backup on save, crash recovery, and option to automatically save on exit
  • Manual
  • French and German translations
  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements

.: 2006-08-09 :. Eqonomize! version 0.3 released

A new quick release of Eqonomize! is now available with many enhancements and new features.

  • Enhanced budgetting, with possibility to specify budgets separately for each month, and predictions based on budget
  • Redesigned, more polished accounts view, and less buttons in securities and schedule views
  • Optional quantity and payee/payer transaction properties (must be manually activated)
  • By default use current date (instead of end of month) as end date in accounts view
  • More flexible charts and report, with ability to display more detailed information
  • Swedish translation
  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements

.: 2006-08-02 :. Eqonomize! homepage opened

The development of Eqonomize! is now hosted on SourceForge. In addition to this homepage, forums, bug tracker, and CVS repository is now online.

.: 2006-07-25 :. Eqonomize! version 0.2 released

  • Change name to Eqonomize!
  • "Development Over Time" and "Categories Comparison" reports
  • Charts (pie and line)
  • Printing
  • Import of CSV files
  • Security trade (buy and sell in the same transaction)
  • Enable use of different calendar systems
  • Ask for confirmation only if time is after 18.00 for scheduled transactions occurring on the current date

.: 2006-07-17 :. Eqonomize! version 0.1 released

The first version of Eqonomize! was released to the world on on the 17th of July.