Eqonomize! features

Most persons will probably get a quicker overview of the functionality by looking at the screenshots.
  • Bookkeeping
    • Bookkeeping by double entry.
    • Transactions: expenses, incomes, transfers, and security transactions.
    • Transaction properties: description, value, quantity, date, payee/payer, comments, from/to account/category, and additional for securities.
    • Split transactions.
    • Refunds and repayments.
    • Explicit support for loans/debts with interest and fee payments.
    • Schedules transactions, with support for a wide range of recurrency schemes, and confirmation of occurrences.
    • Support for multiple currencies, with selectable currency for each account. Supported currencies are automatically updated.
    • Reconciliation.
    • Parameters of the last entered transaction, with the same description (or category or payee/payer), is automatically filled in when a description (or category/payer/payee) is entered (with auto-completion)
    • Value input fields support arithmetics and currency conversion.
  • Budgeting
    • Monthly budget for incomes and expenses categories.
    • Ability to exclude categories from the budget.
    • Custom start day of budget month.
    • Displays previous months performance.
    • Predicts future account values based on the budget and scheduled transactions.
  • Securities
    • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
    • Supported transactions: buy and sell of shares, trade of shares between different securities, dividends, and reinvested dividends.
    • Displays value, cost, profit and yearly rate, with present total or for a specific period.
    • Estimates future value and profit based on previous quotation changes and dividends.
  • Statistics
    • The main account view displays total values of accounts and categories for at present or a specified date, and value change, as well as budget/remaining budget, for a period.
    • Each transaction list displays basic descriptive statistics and supports filtering of transactions based on date, value, category/account, description, and payee/payer.
    • Line charts, bar charts and tables for display of change of profits, incomes and expenses over time, for all categories, a specific category, or a specific description within a category. Can display value, daily average, monthly averge, yearly average, quantity, and average value for a quantity.
    • Pie charts, bar charts, and tables for comparison of expenses or incomes between different categories, descriptions or payees/payers. Can display value, daily average, monthly averge, yearly average, quantity, and average value for a quantity.
  • Saving, import, and export
    • Data is saved in a human readable and editable xml file.
    • Flexible QIF import and export.
    • Displayed data can be saved to a html or csv file, for display online and editing in a spreadsheet.
    • Can import transactions from a csv file, for example a spreadsheet file, with a customizable number of variable transaction parameters.
    • Tables can be saved as html files and charts in a number of different image formats, including png and jpeg.